Can The Red Sox Return To The Top ?

The question at the beginning of the baseball season every year is which team is going to make it to the top? The World Series is the ultimate goal for all of the teams in MLB, and there are some great teams out there that haven’t been doing so good recently. The Boston Red Sox are one of the teams that needs to step up and make some major changes in order to get to the top. And I think that some of the things they have done in the off season may have helped them out and that they have a chance of getting back on top this year.

One of the reasons why the Red Sox have a chance this year is because of Mitch Moreland. He is a talented player, and once he begins working with the team during the regular season we will see what he can do for this team. Getting a key player like that involved in the organization can really help it out a lot, and the Red Sox were smart to sign him on. He had 22 home runs last year, and there is no telling what he will be able to do this year.

A great pitcher is what every team needs in order for them to make it far, and the Red Sox have a great pitcher in Craig Kimbrel. He wasn’t at his best last season, with injuries and throwing some games, but he could be at his best this year. As long as he manages to stay healthy there is no telling what this 28-year-old can do. He should be at the peak of his career this season, and I am excited to see him get involved in the game and do some good things for this team.

With 30 home runs hit last year, one of the best players and the most likely player to help this team make it all the way is Hanley Rameriz. He is a talented ball player, and if he can keep himself from pulling any muscles or getting any other injuries this year he should help this team out a lot. He is a great player, and with Mitch Moreland there to help him out, he should be able to keep hitting many home runs and doing good things for this team.

So many factors go into a baseball team and whether or not it does well during the season, and all of the Red Sox fans out there should get excited for the 2017 season. There is a good chance that the Red Sox will make it far this year, if not all the way, because of all of the key players they have on their team. They have been working hard in the off season to build their team up and make it the best that it can be, and with two great power hitters on their team, and a closer who is destined to do great, there really is a good chance they will make it to the World Series.