Racquetball For The Novice

Racquetball is a type of racquet sport where a hollow rubber ball is used to play the game. Racquetball can be played on an indoor or outdoor court. The modern sport was invented in 1950 by Joseph Sobek, who increased the velocity and control of the ball by increasing stringed racquet to paddleball. The sport lacks a net that hit the ball over and that the main difference between racquetball and sports such as badminton and tennis. Racquetball also contrast with a sport such as squash since the sport has no tin .i.e. out of bound area. However, the racquetball shows some similarities to sports such as 40 by 20 American handball and Squash 57 which is a British sport and was previously referred as racketball.

Most people thinks that the colors such as black, red and blue that comes with racquetball are simply for aesthetic reasons but that is not the case. How a racquetball is lively, bouncy or the speed the ball travel after you hit it with a racquet is showed by these colors. Also, as we all know different color are more visible than others meaning different colors are likely to be used in different lighting conditions. Now let’s take a look at different types of racquetball balls, we shall start from least bouncy to the most bouncy.

Black Balls, for example, the GearBox Black Balls
Of all the racquetball balls these are the slowest, they are designed in a way that they are capable of promoting longer rallies and that why the seniors prefers these balls. Comparing with faster balls, these balls are more durable.

Blue Balls, for example, Penn Ultra-Blue
The balls are mostly used when playing on the indoor court, though not as durable as black balls, they are fairly durable and are of medium speed. The balls are mostly preferred by the amateur players. Also, the USRA and Legends Tour use the balls as their official ball.

Dual Color Balls, for example, the Revolution Line
The balls were recently introduced, and that the reason why they are still not common among the players. Comparing these balls with the blue balls, you will see they are slightly faster. However, because of its two colors, you are able to see as the ball spin more clearly

Green Balls, for example, the Pro Penn Green Racquetballs
For the indoor play, the green balls can be said to be one of the fastest balls. Their speed can be compared to that of the purple balls. The USA Racquetball has picked them as their official balls. The balls are ideal for intense and fast rallies.

Purple Balls, for example, the Purple Pro Penn HD Racquetballs
The balls are the fastest for indoor use, faster than the green balls. They are mostly used in professional tournaments and IRT has chosen them as their official balls. Comparing with the other balls, the balls are not that durable and that why some people prefers green balls.

Red Balls, for example, Ektelon Fireball Racquetballs
No racquetball balls that can compare to the speed of the red balls both for the outdoor and indoor use. The red balls are designed for outdoor use, because of their color they are more visible, and also they are durable such that they withstand concrete courts. World Outdoor Racquetball (WOR) use the balls as their official balls. Because of their speed, the red balls are more fun to play with

Pink Balls, for example, the Wilson Hope Racquetballs Line
Wilson are the only one who makes the pink balls and was introduced when the rest of Hope line products were being introduced. The ball can be said to be as fast as the red balls, however, they are more visible than the red balls. So in case, you need fast racquetball balls for indoor use the pink balls are the best.