Top 5 Greatest World Series Games

Baseball’s World Series has been played on hundreds of occasions to make it very difficult to pick the top five games ever played during the annual end to the Major League baseball season. I may not have seen every game that appears on this list, but history allows us to look back and see some of these games are without a doubt classics in ┬átheir own right.

5. 1991 Twins 1, Braves 0

The 1991 World Series is rightly remembered as one of the great series ever played in baseball, not because of the high number of runs scored but how closely the Twins and Braves were matched throughout the seven games. Games three through six had already been decided by a single run when the two teams met in an epic pitching battle between Jack Morris and Jon Smoltz; ten innings later Alejandro Pena’s double eventually gave the Twins the game and series victory.

4. 2011 Cardinals 10, Rangers 9

If the 1991 World Series was an epic pitching battle. The sixth game of the 2011 edition was an exhibition of batting power from both teams that built tension for myself and every other viewer. The Cardinals were set to lose the World Series entering game six at one game down to the Texas Rangers and two runs down in the ninth inning of the game. David Freese did not seem to be about to change things with two strikes against him when he tripled to bring home the tying run. The Rangers again took the lead in the tenth inning before the Cardinals again tied everything up before Freese wrote himself into world Series history with an 11th inning home run to take the game.

3. 1956 Yankees 2, Dodgers 0

This may have been played before I was born, but can we really ignore a perfect game in the World Series. No matter how you feel about the Yankees the perfect game pitched in game five of the 1956 World Series stands as an amazing achievement by pitcher Don Larsen , which was an amazing comeback for his role in losing a 6-0 lead in game two of the series against the Brooklyn Dodgers. Amazing displays of pitching may have become more common place in recent but I believe throwing just 97 pitches to retire 27 Dodger players stands as an amazing feat even today.

2. 1986 Mets 6, Red Sox 5

One of the first games I remember watching as a child, and one of the most amazing wins in baseball history for the Mets. For me the main play of the game was not the missed ball by Buckner for the winning run, but the decision to replace pitcher Roger Clemens with a pinch hitter with the Red Sox leading 3-2 at the top of the eighth. The Red Sox may not have won with Clemens on the mound for the next inning, but the drama of the Mets victory makes this an unforgettable game for me.

1. 1960 Pirates 10, Yankees 9

Looking back at epic world Series battles throws up this amazing David versus Goliath series the Yankees were supposed to win with ease; however, the one series I wish I could have witnessed saw the Pittsburgh Pirates cling on despite three heavy defeats to take the series to a game seven many did not think would come. The Pirates fought to take an early 4-1 lead, but were pegged back and by the midway point eighth inning were losing 7-4. The Yankees saw runs scored by Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra before the Pirates rallied in the same inning to return to a 9-7 lead; Mantle again came to the plate and batted in one run before his base running saw the game tied. The Yankees team of that period would have seen me bet on them for the win, but Bill Mazerowski walked off in the tenth to end what almost every expert rates as the best World Series game ever played.